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Coca Cola: 125th Anniversary (3D Projection Mapping)


This was my second building projection gig with the brilliant folks at Obscura Digital, but the first one I was able to see in person. The entire palette of color / contrast / resolution / and speed of both editorial and action is vastly different at such a large scale.

My focus artistically was to hint at the brand as much as possible – I felt an overt advertising approach was unnecessary and perhaps even distasteful with such a powerful brand and on such a monumental scale. I concentrated on the silhouette of the bottle and the graceful arcs of the dynamic ribbon and then allowed the creative to go as far as possible while riffing on these themes. I believe the result always said “Coke” while retaining an emphasis on fun and unexpected content.

I directed a wonderful team of in house motion graphics artists and designers, outside design houses, and contractors from the film special effects world. I wanted to make many diverse components for a show full of variety. I shot live action, motion control, stop-motion, time-lapse photography, and high speed effects cinematography, to complement the motion graphics and 3D cgi elements which made up the compulsory parts of the show which wouldn’t have been complete without Santa and the polar bears as well as all the 125th anniversary and branding elements.

Complete reel on Vimeo




“This is a historic moment for projection displays and a feat for Obscura Digital” stated Travis Threlkel, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Obscura Digital. “By projecting on the entire surface area of all four sides of the Coca-Cola Tower, we have achieved the tallest and brightest projection display ever seen in the world to date.” For Coca-Cola’s 125th Anniversary event, Obscura Digital transformed the Coca-Cola Headquarters building in Atlanta, Georgia into a spectacular visual show canvassing more than 200,000 square feet of projection surface, reaching 26 stories high. This evolving two-hour show includes transitioning narrative and cinematic pieces and incorporates real-time technology to integrate live social-media components. The high- resolution projection display features traditional animation mixed with computer animation, special effects live action photography, and trompe l’oeil techniques, in addition to a real-world light element fusing with a projection piece. The projection show by Obscura Digital can be seen live every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night in May from 9pm – 11pm EST. The CO2 footprint of this entire event is offset through Georgia’s Valley Wood Carbon Sequestration Project.

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