The Avengers (app)

Recent projects have been designing apps known as Second Screen Experiences for major motion pictures specifically The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. These applications run on a mobile device and contain all sorts of fun and interesting material related to their companion Blu-Ray disc. You might think of them like DVD extras except these are interactive and feature a huge variety of experiences and material. In addition to running in sync with the Blu-Ray (through Blu-Ray live) they are also stand alone experiences.

These apps are available as a free download for the iTunes store. They are really great and quite interesting to anyone interested in these films or even film is general as they feature a lot of making-of and behind the scenes content. The Blu-Ray live technology is pretty cool too.

The Avengers was the first one of these apps I worked on. I was new with the company so i started with simple alerts and dialogs. When they saw what I could do (they said I was overqualified) they gave me a few things I could sink my teeth into. While the screens for Tony Stark and Natasha Romanov are more impressive, those were more about constantly changing tiny details to fulfill client requests, but the real challenge came with the Marvel Timeline – a chronological listing of events in The Avengers’ universe centering on a BIM/AIM (before Ironman / after Ironman) paradigm. This was most challenging because it was so different from the rest of the app and had different numbers of events on different days. I am very happy with this design.

Marvel Entertainment second screen for The Avengers: The Avengers at the iTunes store

A review featuring art I created can be seen directly here:

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