Reverb (app)

I have to be careful what I write about my experience with Reverb since their app is not yet released and I need to honor the terms of my NDA and not do anything that would harm their release. My first task was to look at the FTUE (first time user experience). They had an existing design which asked more questions than it answered. It was also only a design regarding concept,  the actual UI did not exist. I did an extensive discovery process and what it revealed as that we were getting dangerously close to the ‘interface needs too many instructions’ precipice.

I suggested several FTUE alternatives as well as the idea of making the systems overview a separate element. The original FTUE was chosen to be completed for the first version of the app purely for time reasons, while another simpler and more elegant concept was scheduled to appear in the first revision and do double duty as another part of the interface. I built a prototype of this FTUE in After Effects so we could see it move with elegant animation, then I rebuilt it in Axure so it could be clicked through. I then went into production mode and built the assets and a design spec for the FTUE.

My next task was to bring the entire app on brand. When I first compared their brand documents and the app I found a mismatch. I felt that the brand held a great deal of energy with its vibrant colors and the word painting insinuations in the word reverb. I wrote several design documents and did numerous concept art examples which resulted in instigating a redesign.

Finally I built a systems overview animation. The challenge was to encapsulate the entire value proposition of the the app in a little looping animation that would work something like a post-splash screen. I really liked the motion suggested by the word reverb and made several roughs with various emanating lines of energy and radio waves as well as pulsing glows and other visual ‘reverberations’. We decided upon a pair of lily pads with emanating rings ‘talking to each other’ which I’d love to show (along with the prototypes and some of the concept art) as soon as the app is released.

Here it is on the app store but be forewarned it is not yet available in the USA – first beta is in Canada, if you are there check it out:

Reverb: read, discover, collect, and share

And their corporate site (they do really cool and fascinating things with language using NLP – natural language processing).