other sites and links

I have all sorts of projects and sites. In an ideal situation they are all in a constant creative state of flux with an ever evolving stream of new materials populating them…

KALIARTIFACTS – fine art – conceptual, sculptures and paintings.
A collection of many bodies of work over the years.
KALI – fine art – kaliartifacts.com

SWAMPSOUNDSYSTEM – music of so many styles and genres I can’t keep track.
Trying to define them would be an exercise in futility.
KALI – music – swampsoundsystem.com

KALI on Geomagnetic records

Surfing is my one lifelong non-art passion and I am devoted to our fickle, dangerous, beautiful, challenging, and sometimes incredibly rewarding – Ocean Beach San Francisco.
Useful Ocean Beach surf links

I have been drawing comics since I could hold a pencil.
This probably has something to do with me ending up in the animation/film industry.

Surfdog is my alter ego and the way I document my surfing adventures.
He has evolved into a children’s book character.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my pups and all dogs for that matter.
Pages with my Doggies