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Colin Reed Miller | 2018 Creative Director / Designer / Visual Effects
UX EXPERIENCE Lead UX Designer Guidewire Software Foster City, CA 2015-present
Design lead for modular design system for all UI for global company, includes core, digital, and predictive analytics /
data visualization for cloud based enterprise applications. Research, UI architecture, interaction and visual design.
Creative Director Nagra Innovation Team San Francisco, CA 2014-2015
Creative leadership and product design for trans-media storytelling network with multi-device ecosystem.
Ethnographic research, usability studies, interaction design, visual and motion design, community development.
US Patent #9833723 – Media synchronized control of peripherals
Senior Visual Designer Ericsson / Mediaroom Mountain View, CA 2013-2014
Visual and motion design for next generation SaaS Cable Television UI for all screens.
UX Design Lead Reverb (now Inform) San Mateo, CA 2013
Brand, product, interaction, and visual design for IOS magazine / aggregator.
#1 on the Apple app store May 2014
Senior Visual Designer MX Productions San Francisco, CA 2012-2013
Design for The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers apps.
Creative Director Nuvana San Francisco, CA 2013-2015
Creative leadership and product design for educational and instituional application ecosystems.
PROFILE Colin Reed Miller: UX from consumer apps for Warner Brothers and Marvel, a US patent on a UGC metadata ecosystem,
and an atomic design system for a $4B company. Stereoscopic visual effects for the Academy Award nominated films O
Apostolo (Visual effects supervisor), and Coraline (sequence supervisor). Director of record breaking 3D projection mapping
and video walls for HP and Youtube, from Reuters Times Square to The Sydney Opera House and Coca Cola headquarters.
The skills and experience of this consumate commercial artist outlined below are broad, deep, diverse, and international.
UX TRAINING • Nielsen Norman Group: NNG UX Management
• University of Pennsylvania, Wharton school of business: Gamification
• University of Virginia, Darden school of business: Design thinking for business innovation
• University of Maryland: Developing innovative ideas for new companies
• Human Computer Interaction: Seminar on People Computers and Design – Stanford University
• Human Computer Interaction: Fundamentals of Information Architecture – Stanford University
• Coding Together: Developing Apps for IPhone and IPad – Stanford University
Creative Director, Commercial Director, Visual Effects Supervisor
3D projection mapping (Obscura Digital), 3D Visual Effects with robotic camera integration (Autofuss), Stereoscopic Visual
Effects (O Apostolo Academy Award nominee, Coraline, The Green Hornet), Video Walls at Reuters, Times Square.
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UX: Nuvana, Nagra, Reverb, Ericsson, Guidewire, MX Productions, Silicon Graphics Incorporated, OZ Interactive.
Film /Animation / Visual Effects: Pixar, Laika, Colossal, Artefacto Producciones, Giant Peach Productions, Wild Brain.
Marketing / Advertising / Events and Installations: Obscura Digital, Autofuss, Little Beast, Goodby / Silverstein.
Agency: TBWA/Chiat-Day, J. Walter Thompson, Goldberg Moser O’Neill, Pentagram, Landor and associates.
Games: Rocket Science Games, Mondo Media.
PORTFOLIO Coca Cola 125th Anniversary / Youtube Symphony Orchestra, Creative Director – Obscura Digital
I worked with Michael Tilson Thomas on projection mapping the Sydney opera house inside and out. I read the score and
we discussed themes in Stravinsky’s Firebird and the way the corresponding visuals worked with the music. MTT liked what
the piece so much he promoted it the finale. I directed a large and diverse team of artists, cinematographers and designers.
I stayed at Obscura and directed the record breaking projection mapping spectacle for Coca Cola’s 125th anniversary,
simultaneously wrapping video on all sides of their 440’ headquarters. The glowing tower ruled the Atlanta skyline.
World record 3D projection mapping – 1 million lumens. Coca Cola 125th Anniversary Youtube Symphony Orchestra
The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers IOS companion apps, Senior Visual Designer – MX
We watched The Dark Knight Rises several times looking for themes, textures, and visual cues to guide this UI that served
as a synchronized behind-the-scenes for the film. This was my second design job at MX, having met on a similar
companion app we did for Marvel’s The Avengers. The Dark Knight Rises The Avengers
O Apostolo (Stereoscopic feature film), Visual Effects Supervisor – Artefacto Producciones
O Apostolo s one of the greatest experiences of my career. I had an expenses paid year in Spain. I supervised an
international crew of artists, animators, and cinematographers. The list of prizes and awards we received is so long it is
almost comical for its sheer proportions, and includes an Academy Award nomination in the company of big studio films
with gigantic budgets. Philip Glass composed much of the amazing score. O Apostolo
Metagravy / Crowdsourced metadata ecosystem for Film and Television, Creative Director – Nagra Innovation
The creative director role for the Nagra Innovation team was challenging in many ways, not the least of which was the sheer
volume of work that was required from our very modest team. We did all the interaction and visual design for a desktop
authoring application of great complexity along with a consumer facing consumption app. Our synchronized metadata
ecosystem for film and television content is akin to IMDB tied to the pertinent moments in the source. I received a patent
for an innovative use of technology to aid UX. Metagravy
US Patent #9833723 – Media synchronized control of peripherals.
Coraline (Stereoscopic feature film), Senior Visual Effects Artist / Sequence Supervisor – Laika
I was responsible for the composites in the garden and dining sequences. I worked with (Visual effects supervisor) Brian
Van’t Hul both on-set and in the post production studio. The sets were very complex and needed to support the highly
detailed lighting and yet remain modular. One of the many optical tricks we employed was repeating an entire garden of
animated flowers with black edged mirrors place strategically around the sets. Coraline Garden Coraline Dinner
Reverb application for IOS, UX Design Lead – Reverb
The Reverb app took a lot of finesse since we wanted it to have the elegance of a finely crafted print experience. Great care
went into typesetting and layout. My most important accomplishment was in reconciling the brand with the inherited visual
treatments. What had previously been cold and staid evolved an experience of glowing reverberation.
#1 on the app store Reverb
Jeff Fino Executive Producer Wildbrain, Nuvana
Misha Klein Director Shadow Machine, Mekanism
Isabel Rey Executive Producer Artefacto Producciones