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                  » Profile:

Colin Reed Miller is a skilled and experienced Creative, Designer, Director, and Visual Effects Supervisor who has worked throughout the USA and internationally applying traditional methods and aesthetics to digital mediums. From interface design to storytelling he has spent much of his career at the forefront of new techniques, tools, and technologies, including; 3D Projection mapping and Video Walls, Second Screens, Stereoscopic Visual Effects, Robotic Cameras, and Traditional Animation.


                  » UX / UI Designer

Nagra – OpenTV Second Screen Ecosystem, San Francisco, Ca – 2014-present

Creative Director – Interaction, visual, and motion design for innovation team, second screens.

Nagra Innovation

Ericsson – Mediaroom Interactive OTT TV interface, Mountain View, Ca – 2013-2014

Visual Designer – Visual and motion design for next generation SaaS TV and second screen.

Ericsson Mediaroom

Nuvana – Customizable educational web platform, San Francisco, Ca – 2013

Creative Director – Evaluation, information architecture, flows, wireframes, & usability testing.

Nuvana (corporate site – platform demo is private)

Reverb - Reverb iOs application - NLP article aggregator – San Mateo, Ca – 2013

UI/UX Designer – Discovery, analysis, creative development, and prototyping for original design.

Reverb: Read Discover Collect Best new app in the app store May 2014

(details on

MX Productions - The Dark Knight Rises & The Avengers - iOs, San Francisco, Ca – 2012-2013

Visual Designer – Second Screen Interface creative, design, and production.

The Dark Knight Rises; Second Screen for iPad and iPhone

(details on

The Avengers; Second Screen for iPad and iPhone

(details on

OZ Interactive - OZ (online virtual world) Reykjavik, Iceland – 2000

Visual Designer – Creation of original avatar and environment designs, production.

Silicon Graphics Inc - OOME (online virtual world) Mountain View, Ca – 1999

(UI/UX) Designer – Evaluation, se integration, & creation of original design, production.

Colossal Pictures - Schlumberger Interactive annual report – 1997

(UI/UX) Designer – Needs assessment, creative for original design, and production.


                  » 3D Projection and Video Walls

Obscura Digital - Coca Cola 125th Anniversary & YTSO, Sydney Opera House – 2011

Creative Director Creative, pitch documents, storyboards, & direction of production – 3D projection mapping.

Coca Cola 125th Anniversary 3D projection mapping

Youtube Symphony Orchestra – Sydney Opera House, Australia

Effect Design - 3D Immersive Theater - San Rafael, Ca – 2009

Creative Director Design and creative of stereoscopic theater with physical set interaction

Imartis / IFX - live 3D stereoscopic video – Las Vegas, Nevada – 2009

Creative Director Design, creative, and technical direction for live interactive stereoscopic video

Goodby Silverstein & Partners - HP+You - Reuters, Times Square, New York – 2001

Designer Design and production of multi-dimensional art for large outdoor video display

Colossal Pictures - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio – 1997

Designer Design and production of media for multi-screen display


                  » Director / Designer for Broadcast

TBWA Chiat-Day - Nissan $1500 Man, Apollo Ale Cabal – 2001

                  Director for broadcast spots with live action and animation

Nissan: $1500 Man (Director)

Apollo Ale: Cabal (Director)

Curious Pictures - USC Stomp – 1999

                  Director of animated broadcast spot

Capitol Records - Digital Underground Kool Walk, Pfilbryte Merry-Go-Round – 1999

Director & Effects Director for music videos with live action and animation.

Digital Underground: Kool Walk

Colossal Pictures (staff) – TCM Edward Hopper, Hitachi Semiconductor, Coke Watch – 1991-1996

                  Director for animated broadcast spots

TCM: Edward Hopper (Director)

Coke: Watch (Art Director)

Hitachi: Semiconductor (Art Director)


                  » Visual Effects Supervisor

Shadow Machine Hell and Back (feature), Hollywood, California – 2012

On-set and post production supervision of production and visual effects crews.

Mekanism - Pepsi/Brisk – Ozzy, Machete, & Eminem (Superbowl / Grammy Awards spots) – 2011

On-set and post production supervision of production and visual effects crews.

Brisk: Machete

Brisk: Ozzy

Brisk: Eminem

Artefacto Producciones - O Apostolo (feature) , Santiago De Compostela, Spain – 2010-2011

Creative for VFX design including characters and techniques.

On-set and post production supervision of production and visual effects crews (stereoscopic 3D).

O Apostolo

Polygon Entertainment - The Green Hornet (feature) – Sony Entertainment – 2010

Post production supervision of visual effects crew (stereoscopic 3D).

Sony: The Green Hornet

Carl’s Fine Films - (staff) commercials & feature films – 2003-2006

On-set and post production supervision of production and visual effects crews.

Hershey’s Kisses: Marching Band

Outkast: Idylwild

Across the Universe: Uncle Sam

Wildbrain - (staff) commercials & feature films – 1998-2002

On-set and post production supervision of production and visual effects crews.

Cartoon Network: El Kabong

Ritz Mini: Juggling

Hershey’s Limited Edition: Red Carpet


                  » Clients & Employers:

Pixar, Laika, Obscura Digital, Nuvana, Ericsson, MX Productions, Polygon Entertainment, Colossal Pictures, Artefacto Producciones, Autofuss, Shadow Machine, Helloreverb, TBWA/Chiat-Day, J. Walter Thompson, Goldberg Moser O’Neill, Pentagram, Landor and associates, Giant Peach Productions, Carl’s Fine Films, Wild Brain, Silicon Graphics Incorporated, Radium, Rocket Science Games, OZ Interactive, Curious Pictures, Mondo Media, Ignition Records, Maverix Studios, Little Beast.


                  » References:

Due to the nature of many clients and employers business, some companies I have worked for have substantially changed or discontinued operations. Contact information for employment verification will be provided upon request whenever possible. For professional references please contact any of the people below.


“I have known and worked with Colin Miller for over 10 years, and have always been impressed with his rare combination of creativity and technical artistry.  But what really makes Colin valuable on any project is his ability and desire to learn new things, which he’s done his entire career.  He would be at the top of his field as a designer, or as a visual effects supervisor, but Colin’s true X factor lies in his talent to quickly dissect an elegant and useful solution for any project. I have continually hired and recommended Colin for many wide-ranging jobs, even if I knew he had no prior experience.  From interfaces to film effects and everything in between, Colin has continually demonstrated that his skills enhance whatever assignment he’s working on.  Colin also has a great knack for consensus building and interfacing with diverse personnel which makes him a great manager and leader.”

                  – Jeff Fino

Executive Producer – Nuvana, Wildbrain


“Colin Miller’s experience is so broad. He’s built beautiful, hand-crafted models, can play music, and surf.  He understands the theater, design and overall tone of the moving image.  His aesthetic tastes and opinions have the weight and understanding of a complete artist.  His grasp of movement, emotion, pacing and style make him a great sounding board early in the initial concept stages.  You will find that hiring him is a job well done.”

                  -Misha Klein

Writer, Director, Animation Supervisor – Shadow Machine, Mekanism


“I was very happy to work with Colin Miller. His ideas, experience, and professionalism were great assets in the production of our film. He helped us achieve a very high quality result leading to countless awards around the world. I would be pleased to work with him again in the future and highly recommend his talents as a skilled artist and creative visual effects supervisor.”

                  ~ Isabel Rey

Executive Producer, O Apostolo – Santiago de Compostela, Spain



Creative Lead – Director / Designer / Manager for many diverse mediums and large teams

Visual Effects Supervisor – Creative & technical solutions, crew & post-production management

Interactive design for mobile, browsers, and set-top-boxes UI and UX

Adobe Creative Suite

Compositing – Nuke, Inferno, After Effects

CGI – Cinema 4D, Softimage XSI

Prototyping – Axure, Balsamiq, App Cooker, HTML 5, CSS 3

Audio – Logic Studio, Pro Tools

Traditional Animation – Stop-Motion, Cel


                  Speaker/ Panelist:

Maker Faire San Mateo – Stereoscopic Animation Techniques (presenter)

Academy of Art University – Techniques of Digital Compositing (adjunct faculty)

San Francisco Art Institute – Graduate Thesis Advisor

Multi-Media Summit San Francisco – Traditional Animation Techniques with Computer Assist (panelist)

Siggraph Los Angeles – Animating the paintings of Edward Hopper (presenter)

NAB Las Vegas – Stereoscopic techniques for live 3D video production (presenter)

Multi-Media Expo Los Angeles – Digital Auteurs (panelist)



Why Flat Design?

Designing Media for 3D Projection Mapping

O Apostolo Stereoscopic and Depth Script Notes

Visual Effects Techniques for Stop Motion Feature: O Apostolo


                  Continuing Education:

Human Computer Interaction: Seminar on People Computers and Design – Stanford University

Fundamentals of Information Architecture – Stanford University

Coding Together: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad – Stanford University

The Renderman Shader Language – Siggraph

Postscript Page Definition – Siggraph

(private study) Eugen Dombois – Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Basel, Switzerland

Multi-track Recording for Analog Synthesis – San Jose State University


                  Websites & Pages: – Principal website with portfolio, resume and references

                  Other: – Linkedin Reel on Vimeo – Fine Art – Children’s Books – Music: classical, electronica + discography – Music Fan Page – Podcast – Label Artist Page on Geomagnetic Records – Ocean Beach Surfing Forecast – Comics