This is an abbreviated design portfolio.
If you are interested in seeing any of these examples at higher resolution or more images please just let me know, this is only a small excerpt from all the design work I have done.

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Second Screen mobile apps for iPad / iPhone
Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

These are some screens from iPad apps I designed. It was a welcome change from the more organic / hand drawn styles I am usually called upon to do.




The Avengers




Obscura Digital – Coca Cola 125th Anniversary

Here are some excerpts from the design stages for an enormous 3D building show I directed.

…and a couple of snapshots from the show…

This building (Coca Cola World Headquarters) is 450′ tall




Ania is a little girl from the Amazon rain forest. Here are some excerpts from some design work I did for a Brazilian company making a television series based on her stories from about conservation and ecology.

SGI – OOME – Virtual World

Back in the days when people were trying to create virtual worlds outside of the gaming arena, I was called upon by SGI to create a world with very limited bandwidth specs based on fine art / sculpture for the physical world itself, and highly designed typography for the copy and text elements.

Colossal Pictures – Coke ‘Setting Sun’

When I was at Colossal I was mainly in the pre-production / design team spending most of my time working on pitches and styleframes though I occasionally got the chance to do production on something fun. Here are a few illustrations from that period.

Ford / Lincoln / Mercury – Quality Care

Concept Art I did for a band called The Astronaut and the Alien